The Ultimate Personal 'Custom' Subliminal Programming System...

Finally, here is a simple way to 'write' your desires and goals directly to your subconscious mind, that will guarantee personal success and finally get the 'Law of Attraction' working for you.

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It's a simple fact of life that your circumstances cannot change until YOU change. If you are looking for a tool that will bring about real and permanent beneficial changes in your life, then you have found it.


Frustrating, isn't it!

You know that life could be better. It wouldn't even take a miracle; just some small 'breaks' that would take you steadily towards the life you want - and know that you deserve. But somehow things never seem to change. It's as if you are surrounded by invisible walls that firmly limit your life to 'just getting by' at best. No matter what you do, you can't break out - your life and circumstances just stubbornly stay the same, or even slide backwards.

Meanwhile other people - maybe even people you went to school with - seem to breeze through life. They have plenty of money, great partners or families, nice homes, a new car, take amazing holidays and generally live very well, apparently without too much effort and without being noticeably clever or talented. But for you, scraping by with the second best of everything or even just making do without, seems to be an uphill struggle.

You work as hard as anyone else and you are not stupid, yet you don't seem to able to claim the just rewards of all your efforts. Life seems unfair - the luck others enjoy never seems to come your way, and while they seem to have the time to enjoy life to the full, for you problems appear to come out of nowhere to take up all your time and effort. In short, you seem to be just plain 'stuck'.

This is the 'Law of Attraction' in action

You would have to have been living under a rock for the past few years, not to have heard of the Law of Attraction. You may even have watched 'The Secret' movie, listened to audios or read e-books on the subject, all telling you that if you keep visualizing your 'dream future' then it will come true for you.

Well, maybe.... but probably not.

The problem is that there is also a 'dark side' to this basic law of life, and while a few people really do learn to bring wealth, health and happiness into their lives using the basic LOA techniques, many more people experience the effects of this 'dark side' -- usually without even knowing it.

This is because while they may consciously want better things, and may actively work towards their goals or even spend time deliberately visualizing their 'ideal' images, their subconscious minds (which are far more powerful) simply block these efforts as soon as they begin to have any significant effect.

This isn't because the subconscious mind is in any way vindictive or hostile. It is simply doing its job - protecting you by making sure that you stick to the 'rules' it has learned are best for you - its 'program'. This learning started when you are a baby and continued through childhood, and was largely complete by the time you reached your teens. And nearly all of it is negative and limiting in character.

The fact is...
Your life reflects your subconscious 'program'

So if like many people your inner 'directives' are based on a false and faulty subconscious belief system that you aquired as a child, you end up living an adult life that is being limited and controlled by these childish beliefs. Your subconscious mind is simply responding to the junk programming that developed at random when you were too young to understand or filter most of the stuff that went in. Programming that says that things may be better tommorrow - but never today, that you are 'different' or don't deserve good things, or are less important or able than other people, or that you are 'no good' or will 'never amount to anything'. In short, all the self-limiting, fear generating garbage that most people are stuck with, deep inside their heads.

Is it any wonder that you don't seem to be able to get out of the rut - when your powerful subconscious mind 'believes' all that rubbish that your six-year-old self believed, and shapes your world accordingly. That if you are to remain safe then it must keep things just as they are now, using its immense power to influence 'chance' and the actions and perceptions of others and even to make you sabotage your own efforts in some way, if necessary.

The sad fact is that you can't escape the results of the junk programming that gives rise to poor self image, low expectations, limitations and lack, no matter how hard you consciously try to break out, and regardless of how many times you visualize your better future.

But you can change the program -- and then watch your life change for the better, effortlessly and automatically. You just need to know how.




... Being able to control your health, your wealth, your behavior in any situation ... or being able to get rid of unwanted habits and negative thinking, and replacing these with natural confidence and automatic self-assurance. Imagine being able to 'write' new programs for your subconscious mind to replace all the false and incomplete junk that currently guides your life's patterns, so that your new directives are completely in alignment with the better life that will automatically follow this internal 'revamp'.

How different would your life be?


Now imagine being able to make these changes, one after another, just by setting up simple 'projects' on your PC, and using the results for as little as 21 days.


This is today's date: 

Let me ask you a question: How much longer do you want things to go on exactly as they are right now?

You have heard the expression: “To get more of the same, just do more of the same.” But if you want some things to change, you need to do something different... But what exactly?

If you have only ever used commercial subliminal or hypnotic products and experienced little or no change in yourself or your circumstances, then here at last is the simple secret you need to ‘turbocharge’ the power to direct absolutely any area of your life. Now you can experience one of the most powerful life-changing technologies available.

You might want to make a note of the date above. It could be a turning point in your life.


The ‘Secret Weapon’ you probably
don't even know you own..

You probably already know that 'subliminal prgramming' is one of the most effective techniques discovered so far for changing the 'rules' stored in your subconscious mind. The research evidence for this mounts steadily, and you only have to watch professional 'mentalists' such as the UK's Derren Brown at work to see its power. It's more effective than repeating 'affirmations', more powerful than hypnosis...

What you may not know is that research has now revealed that using your own voice to speak these suggestions massively multiplies their effectiveness.

What can be a slow and uncertain process of change when using ‘one size fits all’ commercial subliminal recordings becomes a laser-targeted system of immense power that delivers YOUR instructions directly to your subconscious mind in a way that overcomes all resistance. So now finally you can have in your hands the power to create the changes you want, using powerful, personalised, ‘custom’ subliminal recordings.

By using correctly formulated subliminal suggestions that you choose for yourself, and record in your own voice, you can change virtually any aspect of your life. And you can do it in just a few weeks.

Now the Subliminal Cookbook shows you exactly how to use the secret power of your own voice to bring about rapid and often astonishing changes, and gives you everything you need to use your own PC as the powerhouse that can transform your life.



Use this breakthrough Mind Power system to:

  • Increase your confidence in business and social situations
  • Change your ‘wealth set-point’ and attract financial success
  • Bring more 'luck' into your life so things automatically begin to go your way
  • Open up new and exciting opportunities 'out of the blue'
  • Quickly instill the eating and exercise habits that will finally lose that flab
  • Help you quit smoking rapidly and painlessly
  • Strengthen your immune response and fight off illness
  • Increase your mental clarity and ability to learn
  • Bring success into any area into your life
  • End those sleepless nights by ‘erasing’ insomnia
  • Revitalise your personal relationships
  • Fill your life with renewed enthusiasm and motivation
  • Get rid of unwanted habits 

... And finally bring your life under YOUR control.

Add to this the power of Brainwave Entrainment and the custom recordings you create with the Subliminal Cookbook become the Ultimate Personal Development System.





The Modern Miracle of ‘Brainwave Entrainment’


‘Brainwave entrainment’ is a process that allows a person’s brainwave frequencies to be influenced by an external signal, usually sound or light. The phenomenon has been known for some time, but just recently digital technology has made it into a repeatable and controlled process. Not only that but research has now shown that there are phenomenal benefits to be had from regular exposure to properly designed entrainment programs - benefits which are out of all proportion to the effort (none!) involved.

Here are just a few of the mental and physical benefits already discovered for regular exposure to properly designed brainwave entrainment programs:

* Better memory
* More personal confidence
* Huge reduction is stress hormone (cortisol)
* Increases in beneficial growth hormone
(HGH - somatotrophin) levels
* Increased ability to focus
* Better quality sleep
* Less need for sleep
* Increased ‘adaptogen’ levels (better coping)
* More energy

More benefits are being discovered all the time. Entrainment is a ‘work out’ for the brain, and like any other exercise it makes the whole system function more smoothly and efficiently. But unlike exercise, NO EFFORT IS REQUIRED! All you need to do is find about thirty minutes three or four times a week when you can lie back and listen to a simple audio recording. And using the pre-recorded entrainment and background tracks included with the Subliminal Cookbook, you can create an unlimited number of brainwave entrainment recordings, with or without spoken subliminals, with a variety of 'natural' and 'ambient' sound masks of your choice.

Finally, here we have a powerful and unique tool for personal development that is inexpensive, reliable and powerful, yet is simplicity itself to use. More and more people are now discovering this route to greater mental alertness, clearer thinking and ability to cope with life’s stresses. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance - you will be amazed at what happens! The Subliminal Cookbook now includes three full-length professionally created brainwave entrainment audios for you to use either on their own or in your custom recordings (see further down page).



Discover for yourself how quick and easy it is to make your own full-length professional quality, fully PERSONAL subliminal and entrainment recordings on your own PC

Unlike other packages, the Subliminal Cookbook shows you everything you need to know AND includes all the resources you need. And it comes with FREE, UNLIMITED PERSONAL SUPPORT via our email hotline.

You will quickly learn step-by-step how to:

  • Construct your 'suggestions' for maximum subconscious impact
  • Record your script onto your PC
  • Use 'pitch shifting' techniques to ram the messages home
  • Create complex 'sound masks' using the software and recordings provided
  • Compose simple subliminal tracks
  • Create multilayered recordings
  • Embed 'back masked' (reversed) suggestions in your recordings
  • Make 'stereo confusion' tracks for instant relaxation
  • Add ready made isochronic or 'binaural beat' tones for deep hypnotic effects
  • Export your finished recording as an MP3 to play on your phone, tablet or MP3 player.

The Subliminal Cookbook is simply the most complete custom subliminal creation package available online

Subliminal Cookbook Package

The Subliminal Cookbook package was originally introduced in 2001 and completely revised and offered online in 2004. It has grown to become widely recognized as the 'gold standard' in the field. The package quite simply provides everything you need to create your own completely personal subliminal and hypnotic recordings which you can then listen to on your computer or 'export' to a CD or MP3 player. At the heart of the package is the 130 page Subliminal Cookbook manual that explains the background to this technique, the optimum methods of using it, and how to put everything together using the findings of the latest research into this mind altering technology.




There are two 'core' pieces of software included; a 'sound mask' generator that outputs continuous 'ambient' sounds for use in your audios, and a special version of an audio mixer/editor that you use to quickly and easily assemble the components of your custom recordings. All you need to add is an inexpensive PC microphone headset...

Headphones with microphone


So for the cost of a couple of commercial subliminal or hypnotic CDs you will be able to make as many recordings as you want, covering any area you want, and unlike 'one size fits all' commercial recordings, you will have FULL CONTROL over exactly what goes into your brain!

Unlimited Support And you're not just left to get on with it - we provide UNLIMITED Free support and backup through our email hotline. Whether your questions are technical, or connected with construction of your subliminal suggestions, we are always here to help.

Here is your opportunity to ‘turbocharge’ the power of the 'Subliminal Effect' in absolutely any area of your life, and to experience one of the most powerful life-changing technologies currrently available.

And it includes a ton of amazing bonuses...

The 'Cookbook' package now includes some very special bonus packages to make getting started a breeze. Here is just a brief overview of what you will receive in addition to the core components:

Bonus 1 - Binaural Beats (Brainwave Entrainment) Collection
Value $29.00

Bianaural Beats Collection

The Best Binaural Beats Collection. This is a collection of 24 short recordings (10-20 minutes each) designed to be 'mixed and matched' to create brainwave entrainment recordings for relaxation, energy, self growth, meditation or any other purpose. These are ideal for using in your custom recordings either as initial 'induction' aids, or where a particular mind state may be desirable.

Bonus 2 - Three Full-Length Specially Recorded Isochronic Tracks
Value $34.00

Isochronic Tracks Collection

These three new isochronic brainwave entrainment recordings have been specially created using 3 separate digital processing techniques, to add variety to your 'Cookbook' recordings. All three are stereo tracks intended to be used with headphones, and all have the same 'curve' that begins at a beta frequency then steps down in stages to an alpha frequency of around 9Hz, then finally rises quickly back towards beta. You can incorporate them in your custom recordings, or just listen to them on their own to enable you to quickly enter the dreamlike 'alpha' state at any time - a perfect aid to meditation. These are high quality, state of the art recordings made using the best digital audio technology available, and are absolutely unobtainable anywhere else. Discover for yourself the life-affirming power of brainwave entrainment audios. Each recording runs for a full 25 minutes.

Bonus 3 - Nine Pre-Recorded 'Affirmation' Sets
Value $27.00

Affirmation Sets

Affirmations spoken by another person may not be quite as powerful as those you record in your own voice, but these nine professionally recorded affirmation sets spoken by a pleasant female voice, will allow you to create subliminal recordings for several major areas of life that are every bit as effective as anything you can buy, straight away. And they are an ideal 'stopgap' that will allow you to produce many subliminal and hypnotic recordings right out of the box, even before you are ready to create your own custom affirmation tracks.

Bonus 4 - The Handbook of Power Affirmations
Value $9.00

Power Affirmations Handbook

The Handbook of Power Affirmations will show you just exactly how to use the power of positive affirmations to break through negativity. The handbook also contains example affirmation sets for health, wealth/abundance, and success/career, that are an ideal starting point you can use when deciding on affirmations to use in your custom recordings.

Bonus 5 - Ambient Sounds Collection
Value $19.00

Ambient Sounds Collection

A collection of soothing and relaxing sounds that are perfect for use as 'sound masks' in your custom subliminal recordings, in addition to the ambient sound tracks you can create using the software provided in the SCB package. The collection includes chimes, crickets, birdsong, running water and ocean sounds in MP3 format, ready to be dropped straight into your personal audios.

That's well over $100 worth of great bonus products included completely FREE...


Special Extra Bonus: The 'MindScript' Desktop 'Screen Flash' Visual Subliminal Programmer

MindScript Visual Programmer

Audio subliminal suggestion is not the only method available for implanting powerful life-changing affirmations into the subconscious mind - this can also be done using visual programming. Using both methods to deliver the same set of suggestions together is an absolutely unbeatable combination - the ultimate subliminal programming system.

So when you purchase the 'Cookbook' package today we will include as a bonus the MindScript desktop 'screen flash' subliminal mind programmer, completely free. Once installed, this software regularly flashes the messages you choose on your computer screen for thousandths of a second ('tachiscopically') - long enough for your subconscious to absorb, but too quickly for your conscious mind to see!

The program can be configured to automatically load whenever you start up your PC and silently flash the goals or affirmations of your choice on screen at preset intervals - hundreds of times every hour if you wish. You can adjust the intervals, duration, font size, colour and transparency of the affirmations at any time from the control panel that is always handy.

This is the cutting edge of subliminal programming

You could pay $29 or more for similar software, but you will receive this software FREE as a bonus when you order today!

Special Limited Time Offer for


At last you can make the changes you want in your life
with Custom Subliminal MP3s or CDs that YOU create!

Why Wait Any Longer For Things To Get Better?


Order the Subliminal Cookbook package now and get over $100 worth of bonus products plus MindScript, FREE! ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK. We use Paypal to fulfill our orders, so your purchase is completely safe and secure. And in the very unlikely event that you decide that the Subliminal Cookbook package is not for you, you have a whole 60 days to take advantage of our straightforward No Quibble Refund Guarantee:

60 day gurantee


"If at any time within 60 days of purchase you decide that this product does not meet your requirements, just contact Clickbank via their support page to request a refund, and the full cost will be returned to you."


Mindwaves Subliminal Cookbook

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P.S. This is an introductory price and it may have increased the next time you come back, or the bonus audios may have been removed. So if you want to start changing your life, starting today, you should grab this offer now.

Remember - this is a complete package. As well as the comprehensive 'Subliminal Cookbook' manual and 'core' package, you will be able to download over $100 dollars worth of bonuses - ALL for just $37. AND you will receive unlimited free support via our email helpline. An endless supply of powerful, custom subliminal recordings that have the power to change your life - for the price of a couple of 'one size fits all' subliminal CDs!

P.P.S. Order today and as well as the complete Subliminal Cookbook package PLUS the huge package of bonus audios, you will also get a copy of the MindScript desktop mind programmer!



P.S. This is an introductory price and it may have increased the next time you come back, or the free bonus software may have been removed. So if you want to start changing your life, starting today, you should grab this offer now.

Remember - you are not just buying another ebook, this is a complete package. As well as the comprehensive 100 page 'Subliminal Cookbook' manual you will be able to download the 45 Mb software pack containing six full, unlimited software applications - ALL for just $35. AND you will receive unlimited free support via our email helpline.  An enless supply of powerful, custom subliminal recordings for life - for the price of a single subliminal CD!

P.P.S.  Order today and as well as the complete Subliminal Cookbook package PLUS a copy of the MindScript desktop mind programmer!


The Subliminal Cookbook

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